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Immigration Assessment

Canada offers more than 60 different programs for foreign nationals interested in immigrating to Canada. It is important to make sure that you apply to the program that will best fit your needs and qualifications.
Immigration law and practices are dynamic, and change over time. Some of the programs that are offered are only available pilot / short-term. Each program is aimed at finding people with specific credentials to Canada, some for only specific amounts of time.
Our mission is to assist people wanting to come to Canada to choose the program that best fits their life and their goals, and to ensure that their application gives them the best chance of success. Professional help is the key to reducing the risk of an immigration application being refused, which can potentially cause many further problems.
We will review your personal situation and analyze the necessary information to determine the best program for you to apply to, based on your eligibility and your plans. Our online assessment tool is designed to collect some basic information about you and your situation for this analysis, in order to start working on your case.

Please be as detailed as possible. We use the information you provide on your assessment to start looking into what route is best for you. We will complete the assessment based on the information you provide, so be sure to include everything we need to know to give you the best advice. These questions will help us to decide which immigration program(s) you should apply for based on the eligibility requirements, and your own situation and credentials. You will need 10-15 minutes to complete the form. You may be asked questions about your nationality, age, language abilities, family members, educational background, work experience, income and/or net worth, and details on any job offers you may have received. Please be as accurate as you can.

All information provided will be kept strictly private and confidential!