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A.Free assessment of your immigration eligibility

Canada offers more than 60 different programs for foreign nationals interested in immigrating to Canada. It is important to make sure that you apply to the program that will best fit your needs and qualifications.

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B.Start to finish immigration package

This package involves a detailed consultation with a professional immigration consultant who will be able to advise you as to the right application according to your eligibility, detail what documents you will need to include in the application, the exact steps in the application procedure, the expected timelines, the fees that will be required for the application, and the likelihood of a successful outcome. Your consultant will then help you to prepare and submit the application, and will monitor the progress of the application. Your consultan will stay in contact with you along the way to confirm the steps taken, and provide advice as the process continues.

C.Hourly Consultation (in person, phone / skype, e-mail)

If you would like to receive advice on the spot and/or you have specific questions about your case, consultation by the hour will best meet your needs. Our immigration consultant will be able to discuss your case in detail with you and talk through all of your options.

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If you want to come to Canada for business purposes, such as an overseas meeting, Canadian work site visit, to look for investments for your business, or advance your business relationships you must apply as a business visitor. You must be able to show that you are based abroad and receive your salary from abroad.

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Immigrants to Canada and/or Canadian citizens may have their spouse or dependent children (aged 18 years and under) apply to join them in Canada. The applicant(s) need to show that they intend to live with their family member (called their sponsor). Spouses also need to prove that the relationship is genuine.

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You may need to apply for a student visa and study permit if you want to undertake a course of study for more than 6 months in duration. You must have sufficient funds to support and accommodate yourself in Canada and show that you can afford to leave Canada when your visa is expired.

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Visitor (Tourist)

If you want to come to Canada for a visit, you will need to check if your country of origin is ‘visa-exempt’ (meaning that a visa is not required for travel between your country and Canada). A non-visa exempt country national may need to apply for a visitor visa.

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